Uncle Sam’s
Christian Patriots

A Personal, Political and Religious Discussion of September the 11th, War and Peace, and Freedom and Oppression.

This book studies recent global events against a backdrop of politics, religion, and history. Where is America heading? There is only one way to find the course for America’s future: to remember America’s past. Glen pleads a case for peace in a world ravaged by terror, asking the reader to think outside the box in Uncle Sam’s Christian Patriots. This informative and educational book is for those interested in shadowy powers influencing global events.

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About the Author

Glen Stanish

       Glen Stanish is a Christian-American. Christian first, American second. He flew for American Airlines on 9/11 and previously flew for PSA, TWA, ATA and Continental. Glen recently retired from United Airlines. He is a graduate of Purdue University and resides in Greenwood, Indiana.

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